Type:24 Holes
Key: C
Color: gold
Dimensions: (17.6cm x 2.2cm x 3.0cm)
weight: 308g

Package included:
1 x Harmonica
1 x Wipe Cloth
1 x Harmonica case

Product Features

  • The comb of this harmonica is made of food grade resin ABS and it is safe and skin-friendly for the human body
  • With laser printing the tone mark on the 8k titanium cover plate is clear and not easy to fall off, which is helpful for practicing
  • The bottom of InnerSound harmonica has a multi-supporting design, which provides more stability, excellent air tightness and perfect timbre
  • Phosphor bronze harp reed has high corrosion resistance and it is not easy to age
  • Traditional shape and satin covers make your harmonica look as good as it sounds