10-hole 20-note harmonica, Key of C(gold)
Playing characteristics
The tone has a considerable ability to imitate, with a melancholy grace, while the unique compression techniques make ten-hole harmonica is unique, it is suitable for blues, rock, country, folk, jazz and other styles, but also animation, video entertainment, pop music The most commonly used harmonica. You can even play the ten-hole harmonica while playing the guitar.
This diatonic harmonica can be worn with you at parties or during camping, playing your favorite music for family and friends, creating a lively atmosphere.When you’re alone, you can also play the harmonica and add more fun to your leisure time.

Range of uses
This harmonica is ideal for beginners, students, kids, and gifts.But also the most widely used harmonica.Not suitable for high standards of professional performance.

Whether in rural music, folk or blues music, this harmonica has played an important role. Hope our harmonica can accompany you into the gorgeous music world.

Keep away from heat!
Put in a cool dry place!
Playing, you can not be too crazy or bump , so reed damage!
Hold the harmonica lightly and keep it inside the case when you carry it with you!
Do not use organic solvents, chemical or medical cleaners or soak the harmonica!

Product parameters
【Size】 10.5 * 3 * 2(CM)
【Material】 Stainless steel cover (gold) + Resin trellis (black)
【Range】 10 holes 20 standard sound pitch
【Tonal】 Key of C
【Scale】 10 holes diatonic scale

1*Diatonic Harmonica(gold)

Product Features

  • Perfect Tone Quality and Timbre: 10-hole harmonica, Key of C, phosphor bronze harp reed is easier to get the higher pitch.Durable with phosphor bronze reeds fall much faster than other kinds of reeds.You could blow the harmonica more easily. The sound will be more stable,more perfect tone quality and timbre.
  • Various styles:The unique compression technique makes the 10 hole harmonica unique, suitable for blues, rock, country, folk, jazz,.Some people can play the 10-hole harmonica while playing the guitar.
  • Compact design: Main material is stainless steel,Small size, only 10.5 cm, weight 69.5 g, easy to carry, perfect holding feeling.The pocket size harmonica is easy to take.With a small box, you could enjoy the music wherever you want. eg travel, party, relax, entertainment, etc.
  • Fully enclosed ends:Made of copper reed plate with stainless steel cover plate, resin harp, fully enclosed ends minimizes air leakage with surprisingly rich tone.The combination of Stainless Steel Cover and ABS Resin Comb makes the harmonica easy to clean and bring you comforatble touch feeling.
  • The wide range of uses: This harmonica is great ideal for beginners, students and kids practicing with instruction.Also as gifts.But also the most widely used harmonica.Any problems, please feel free to contact the seller,And money-back guarantee for 6 MONTHS!