The aboriginal didgeridoo (didjeridu, dijeridu, yidaki) is a long, wooden, or musical bamboo wind instrument used traditionally by the aboriginal people of Northern Australia. Rock paintings on caves have established that the didgeridoo has been used as a musical instrument for at least 20,000 years. These cut into varying lengths produce instruments with different pitches. The mouthpiece is made of beeswax.

The haunting tones of the didgeridoo are created by the vibrating of the player’s lips. Since every Didgeridoo has its own unique shape, no two sound exactly alike. The didgeridoo is unique in the world of music in its use of a technique called circular breathing.

These beautiful Didgeridoos are an all natural, sustainable, and eco-friendly musical instrument. I harvest my bamboo in a responsible way to insure future generations can enjoy this beautiful, natural resource. This Japanese bamboo was planted by my late grandmother, “Granny Eula”, around 1931 on the family farm in rural Alabama where it has flourished for the past 80 years.

I take a great deal of pride in my art and work very hard to ensure a top quality Didgeridoo and to provide the highest quality craftsmanship possible. NOTE: I always keep dozens of blanks ready for your order. The images I have posted here are examples. The Didgeridoo you receive may vary slightly but will be the same design. Each didgeridoo is custom made and usually ships within 3 to 5 business days.

The Process: The poles are carefully selected for just the right size and thickness. They are then cut down, dragged to the roasting area, and cut to rough length. After carefully roasting the poles over a very hot fire to cure they are allowed to cool. Then they are cut to their final length, the artwork is first burned in with a torch then the highlights are added by hand with white paint. Finally they are custom fitted with a 100% beeswax mouthpiece.

Product Features

  • Fire Roasted Bamboo
  • Beautiful natural caramel color
  • Authentic 100% beeswax mouthpiece
  • Hand burned and painted design
  • 52 – 60 inches in length