The ‘Drawbar’ section is a complete Hammond Organ with all the traditional features: Real Mechanical Drawbars, Chorus Vibrato, Touch-Response Percussion, and the most authentic Digital Leslie we have ever offered. ‘Vx’ and ‘Farf’ combo organ models are also available, as well as an assortment of fine classical Pipe Organ voices derived from our 935 Church Organ. Acoustic and Electric Pianos, Clavs, Accordions, Vintage String Synth, Wind Instruments and Tuned Percussion round out the specification. The SK2 model adds a second 61 note keyboard for added convenience-you may play the SK2 as a two-manual organ, or assign the Drawbar/Extravoice divisions to your choice of keyboard.

Product Features

  • The Model SK1 & SK2 are Genuine Hammond Organs with nine (9) adjustable mechanical drawbars.
  • A palette of High Quality Extra voices that moden keybaordist desire including Transistor Organs, Piano (Acoustic & Electric), Clavs, Pipe Organ, Vintage Strings
  • Synth and more, Additional voices can be downloaded via the USB port.
  • A digital and proframmable LESLIE is available for the
  • Drawbar voices as well as traditional Chorus-Vibrate and percussion.