This Hall Crystal Flute is handcrafted in Washington State, USA by flute maker James Hall. Starting with precision Pyrex glass tubing, it is sealed and carefully shaped to create a Boehm taper producing beautiful and accurate tones throughout its tonal range. After shaping and tuning the tone holes, the flute is decorated and kiln fired to fuse the decorations and insure durability. Each flute is a handcrafted work of glass art. This flute will arrive nestled in a classy foam lined dark-green storage box with gold stamped logo, along with a complete fingering chart. Free sheet music is avalible on the Hall Crystal Flute website.

The Hall crystal flute is a folk or historical instrument and plays differently than a modern concert flute. The mouth hole has a raised edge and no lip plate. If you play the silver flute, this will take some time to get used to. The biggest difference is that you will need to place the flute higher on the lip and use a slightly tighter embouchure. Of course you can play any style of music you wish. Being a 6-holed flute it is well-suited for playing Celtic music and traditional tunes. It is also similar in design to the renaissance or baroque flute so is excellent for this as well.

12201 Inline D Flute – White Lily

The D flute is our largest flute, produces deep and beautiful mellow tones. This flute is highly recommended for the adult professional and novice players alike. The larger embouchure hole requires less air. The D flute’s tone is deeper and mellower than our smaller flutes. The finger stretch for this flute may be difficult for players with small hands.

Lowest Note: D4 – (D above middle C)

Range: 2 1/2 Octaves

Chromatics: Yes – (Using half-holes)

Primary Key: D – (no half holes necessary)

Secondary Key: G – (no half holes necessary)

Offset Tone Holes: No

Product Features

  • Inline tone holes for traditional fingering placement
  • 6-hole flute in the key of “D” great for playing Irish and traditional music
  • Kiln fired white lily decoration in white etch and 22K gold
  • Each flute individualy handcrafted in Washington State, USA by flute maker James Hall
  • Foam lined dark-green storage box with gold stamped logo, and fingering chart included