Our lower pitched piccolo. It makes clean crisp sounds; softer and mellower than the silver piccolo. The C piccolo plays one note lower than our C piccolo. Both piccolos are great for small hands, for the fingering holes are placed closer together than on our other flutes making it easier to cover the tone holes. The piccolo, being a higher pitched instrument, requires a tighter embouchure than the larger flutes.

Each flute is carefully hand tuned and shaped with a modern Boehm taper to produce a note range of two octaves. Included with each flute is a fingering chart, dark green gift box, and in the USA a one year manufacturer’s full warranty against accidental breakage.

Please note: The Hall crystal flute is a folk instrument and plays differently than a modern concert flute. The mouth hole has a raised edge and no lip plate. If you play the silver flute, this will take some time to get used to. The biggest difference is that you will need to place the flute higher on the lip and use a slightly tighter embouchure.

Being a folk instrument, it is well-suited for playing Celtic music and traditional tunes.

Hall Crystal C Piccolo

Lowest Note: C5

Range: 2 Octaves

Chromatics: Yes – (Using half-holes)

Primary Key: C – (no half holes necessary)

Secondary Key: F – (no half holes necessary)

Product Features

  • 6-hole flute in the key of “C” great for playing Irish and traditional music
  • Kiln fired delft decoration in white etch and blue
  • Handmade in the USA from borosilicate glass (81% quartz)
  • Included with each flute: fingering chart, dark green gift box
  • One year manufacturer’s full warranty including accidental breakage (USA & Canada)