The NEW VOICE piccolo is engineered from high-grade polymers, material that is free from the distortion caused by temperature and humidity changes in metal piccolos.

Because of its impervious nature to temperature changes, it also requires no warming up as do metal piccolos and cannot crack as wooden piccolos may under colder conditions.

This is a real advantage to players who are required to play their piccolos in marching bands or in outside ensembles. It is very consistent in timber and intonation throughout its three octaves. Its timber is similar to that of wood at a fraction of the cost.

GUO’s revolutionary material and padding makes weather change no longer a problem. People can play our flute in the rain or in the cold of winter.

This is the ideal flute for marching bands or any other outside ensemble. Its light weight will be welcomed by some flutists and may reduce the risk of injury in flute performance. In one case it has helped an injured flutist, Mark Dannenbring, to regain total facility and return to the concert stage.

You can literally own a “Colorful flute”,The New Voice flutes come in different colors.You can personalize your performance. In traditional flute making, high-pollution processes like soldering, polishing and electroplating are necessary. Our flute making successfully avoids these processes. We can proudly say that our flutes are truly low-pollution green products.

The material is highly resistant to abrasion and will retain its pleasing appearance without worry. The new padding and mechanism will reduce the need for repair.

Product Features

  • Weight: 118g/4.2 oz
  • Guo-style key-arms/Pinless mechanism
  • Composite plastic mechanism; Split E mechanism
  • High G# Trill mechanism; Thick wall headjoint and tube;
  • Includes wood case plush-lined case cover and maintenance accessories