The Guitarra Morisca is absolutely handmade musical instrument. That is reconstructed guitar from Cantigas de Santa Maria. This guitarra is made of linden, nut, ash tree wood and redwood. The bone is used too. The back part of the instrument is made of the solid piece of wood – no clue! The front part of the instrument is leather, which serves like a drum. There is a unique handmade painting on it. This musical instrument is covered with varnish. The one you see on the pictures is in stock, it is available. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me any time! Here you can see the way Guitarra Morisca looks and sounds:

Product Features

  • mensura: 625 mm
  • tuning: DAd
  • nylon strings
  • made of linden, nut, ash tree wood, redwood, bone and leather
  • handmade carving