24 Holes Key: C Color: black,red,gold,silver weight: 90g Dimensions:18cm * 3cm *2.6cm Harmonica of the grid: ABS Resin ,Box:Plastic Package included: – Do not drink sticky, heavy drinks before playing. – Rinse your mouth out well, wash your hands, or brush your teeth if necessary, before playing the harmonica. – Keep your harmonica in the box or in some other clean place if you are not playing. – Tap your harmonica out gently after playing, tapping out the excess saliva – holes down. – DO NOT LET OTHERS PLAY YOUR HARMONICA – unless it is someone you do not mind kissing – because you are definitely kissing your harmonica every time you play! – Be aware that “bending” notes – though it can sound great – may literally bend the reeds out of tune – do not force the reeds when you bend them, use finesse. – Keep your harmonica away from heat or direct sunshine. – DO NOT wash your harmonica with hot water, alcohol, or other chemical reagent.

Product Features

  • 24 holes harmonica, Tremolo
  • Children practice harmonica
  • Stainless steel cover plate,Box Plastic
  • Parents give the child the best gift
  • 100% satisfaction and refund guarantee for 3 months! If you are not satisfied with your harmonica for any reason, just send us an email and we will provide you with a 100% refund or a replacement for you without any questions.