Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe 40″ X 20″ Full Size Synthetic Bag 30 X 12.Made Of The Finest Seasoned Rosewood Buy With 100 % Satisfaction. 100% Real Playable Product Professional Product for Professionals and Learners (Learn To Play). This Full Set of Full Size Great Highland Bagpipe Rosewood Standard Bore Fully Combed and Beaded Highland Bagpipe. Natural Rosewood Glossy Finish, Great Highland Bagpipe Silver Plain Ferrules which include Projecting Mounts combined with Ferrules, Slides, and Ring Caps. The Bagpipe has Macleod of Lewis Tartan Bag Cover with matching Drone Cords. It features a large Synthetic Bag, to ensure Full Inflation without any leakage of Air. Free Accessories 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set.1 Cane Drone Reed Set.2 Cane Pipe Chanter Reeds. 1 Patrice Chanter with 2 practice Reeds.1 Carrying Case.1 Tutor Book.1 Bagpipes Assembly Book.1 Bagpipe Mantinuns Hemp.