GP’s Shell-less tom set is perfect for that drummer that wants to expand their sound. This tom set allows a drummer to adjust the pitch of the desired drum sound by simply turning the drum clockwise or counter clockwise. It also has an adjustable track for spacing drums out for perfect placement. This package comes with a 6″ Tom, 8″ Tom, 10″ Tom, a very strong double braced floor stand and a drum key!! GP’s Shell-less tom set is a fantastic and creative way to expand an existing drum set sound. Quick pitch shift drums. Rugged construction. Plated counterhoop. Three piece set. This professional Toms Set is a Real Drum Set made “For Musicians, By Musicians” and is ready to be rocked!

Product Features

  • GP Percussion Roto Toms Drum Set
  • Drum Set includes 6″ Tom, 8″ Tom, and 10″ Tom
  • Adjustable Double Braced Floor Stand
  • Quick Pitch Shift Drums
  • Adjustable Track