Introducing Best Armenian Duduk Made by Master SIMON… — Apricot Wood – Metal (Brass Rings) Enforced Professional Duduk … — Why to buy GOLDEN Enforced Duduk?… — During Playing the duduk gets wet and by time from moisture the instrument cracks or deforms. The Brass metal ring enforcement protects the duduk from cracking and deformation. Brass Enforced duduk is heavier and more comfortable to play and is very beautiful. — It has great sound and more beautiful look… — Each Reed of this Duduk is Specially Hand Made and Individually Tuned to the Instrument… — This package includes… — 1. Armenian Professional Duduk in Key of A with Metal (Brass) Enforcement… — 2. Armenian Professional Duduk in Key of C with Metal (Brass) Enforcement… — 3. Armenian Professional Duduk in Key of G with Metal (Brass) Enforcement… — 3. NINE (9) Professional Reeds, – 3 for each Duduk, which are leather strip protected. Best ones… — 4. Detailed Playing and Musical Instructions with note chart, also Musical notes for more than 30 Armenian Folk Songs. The instructions and Musical notes will be sent via EMAIL… — Master SIMON is one of the BEST Duduk Masters in Armenia. His Duduks, Flutes and Zurnas are very famous all over the world. He also makes the best duduk reeds. These duduks are made from 30 years old Apricot wood. Armenian Duduk is Ethnic Armenian Musical Woodwind Instrument with Double Reed, and it is very Famous in nowadays. Duduk is being used in many bands and movies for its’ melancholic and heart moving sound…

Product Features

  • 3 GOLDEN Duduks in Key of A, C and G with 9 Reeds and Playing Instructions
  • Duduks have Brass Made Rings which makes it more beautiful and well protected
  • 9 Reeds Included Free, 3 Reeds for Each duduk
  • Hand Made in Armenia from 30 year Apricot Wood
  • Fast Domestic and International Shipping, Priority Mail