Following the success of the Gold Tone Banjitar line, requests were made for an on-stage solid body 6-string banjo played like a guitar. The ES-Banjitar, like a normal banjo, has extremely fast response compared to a regular electric.  Hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides are accomplished with incredible ease. Even unplugged, the ES-Banjitar has an excellent banjo tone due to the hollow sound chamber within the body. This instrument is great for country music, blues, jazz or any style where a banjo tone is desired without the need for learning the traditional 5-string banjo. The ES-Banjitar features an 8” tone ring and banjo head, dual pickup configuration with a single coil at the bridge position and a hidden humbucking pickup beneath the head, volume and tone controls, Straightline tailpiece, mahogany body, maple neck with bound rosewood fingerboard, and low string action. The ES-Banjitar has a scale length of 25.5” and uses standard ball-end guitar strings. Final assembly and complete setup performed at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida.

Product Features

  • Unique styling with fabulous banjo tone.
  • Solid body construction with maple body, solid maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and snowflake inlays.
  • Body is hollow under the banjo head which produces an effective acoustic banjo tone
  • Features 8″ head for proper hand positioning.