As the five-string banjo has migrated across many genres of music, amplified or electric banjos have increased in popularity. Gold Tone’s EBT/EBM models have been employed by many popular artists (Including Mumford & Sons, and Melissa Etheridge) to broaden and deepen their sonic pallets. Gold Tone’s EB-5 is a new lower-cost edition, with simple appointments and a penetrating onstage presence. They use a custom-made Remo eight-inch pre-tuned banjo head that needs no tensioning hardware. This choice greatly enhances tuning stability. The contoured maihogany body is well-balanced and features they slimline Canadian maple neck. A stacked humbucking pick-up eliminates feedback problems and Gold Tone’s heavy-duty “Terminator” tailpiece will accept loop-end or ball-end strings.

Product Features

  • Head: Remo Pre-Tuned Head B1104-8
  • Nut: Bone
  • Plating: Chrome
  • Tailpiece: Straightline
  • Tuners: Planetary