Drum Sound Module-e6x1
18″ Electronic Kick/Bass Drum-GBD18x1
12″ Electronic Drum (Snare, Tom3, Tom4)-GED12x3
10″ Electronic Drum (Tom1, Tom2)-GED10x2
13″ Electronic Cymbal(Crash, Ride)-GC13x3
Electronic Hi-Hat(13″ Hi-Hat Cymbal)-GH7x1
Drum Stand(incl. Hi Hat Stand and Kick Drum Pedal)-Keeper Seriesx1
25-PIN Cable Snake-GL9x1
1. 20 preset drum kits, 20 user-customizable drum kits.
2. Quick REC function for capturing drumming performances (15 tracks).
3. 10 demo songs.
4. Quick-access metronome button and it has a colored LED light to help you feel the beat.
5. You could adjust settings of tone, volume, sensitivity, PAN, MIDI and pitch for individual drum or cymbal.
6. Allows you to add up to 3 sub tones (Sub Tone1 , Sub Tone2 , Sub Tone3) to a drum, and each sub tone is adjustable on tone, volume, and pitch. For example, you could add 3 different bass sounds with different pitches “Do Mi So” to a bass drum, when you play the bass drum, it’s like a real bass player is playing around you. You could use the added cymbal (connected to AUX1 or AUX2 port) as a switch to turn on/off sub tone function. Or use the added cymbal as a switch to change drum kits.
7. Built-in a monitor mixer, allows the music (Mix in) to be output via a speaker (Main out) or an earphone (Phone out) or by both of them.
8. Allows you to add one cymbal.
9. Bluetooth module is optional for working with Goedrum drum-learning APP (Android only).
Inputs: 25-PIN connector for cable snake, 3 drums/cymbals(6.3 Jack), Mix In(3.5 Jack)
Outputs: Midi, Main Out R/L(6.3 Jack), Phone Out(3.5 Jack)
Other Ports: USB to PC, USB to MP3
Demo videos:

Product Features

  • Meticulously Designed e6 Drum Sound Module
  • Bass Drum Stabilization System
  • Realistic & Sensitive Hi-Hat
  • Mesh Drum Heads
  • Natural-Feel Cymbal Pad