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Product Features

  • vWHILE OTHER HANDBELLS are not in tune, scratch easily, are not color coded or are not complete sets, Holobells are made with a new technology that makes the bells in perfect tune, and resistant to scratches These are the only hand bells in the world with enhanced colors. Also, you get all of the basic flat and sharp notes that kids need to play songs in one handbells set. Holobells includes a colorful songbook with 6 songs
  • ♩♪ NO MORE HAND BELLS WITH CHEAP PAINT, cheap packaging and labels that come off easily. All of our bells are color coded, not only on the handle but also on each bell itself, so kids can learn any song more easily and you don’t need to worry about the labels coming off. The colors of the Holobells will appear exactly as shown in the pictures. Holobells also come with a beautiful box where you can store all of your handbells when not in use.
  • ♩♪ SUPPORTS BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. Holobells are perfect for any adult that wants to develop their child’s intelligence and musical abilities. Just like learning and identifying the notes on a piano or other instrument supports brain development, so too does learning to play music with Holobells. Kids at home and church not only have fun, but also learn all of the musical notes in the process. Music teachers love using Holobells to teach music at elementary and middle schools.
  • ♩♪ OUR MISSION. We are music teachers with a passion for music education. Whether we use Holobells handbells for kids at the elementary school or at our church, we find great joy in teaching kids music. We expect the best for our kids and students and want the same for yours.
  • ♩♪ OUR PROMISE. We stand for customer service and high-quality, so if you ever lose or break any of your bells, we will send you a replacement at no charge. Holobells handbell music are proudly made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.