While its looks and legendary design are truly classic, the Les Paul Classic 2017 HP is one of the most forward-looking guitars we have ever produced, focused on creating an utterly new “Classic” rather than staying mired in the past. Add to this our exclusive Fast-Access heel and supremely playable Soloist’s neck width, and you have a decidedly future Classic right in front of your eyes-without sacrificing one ounce of that evocative Les Paul styling.

Product Features

  • A Grad-A flamed maple top to the chromed hardware with titanium bridge saddles, from the G FORCE tuners.
  • The powerful ’57 Classic and Super ’57 Classic pickups, and that’s before even getting into the whopping 150 sonic combinations available from our new wiring system.
  • Delivered in a Gibson High Performance super premium stamped aluminum case, along with a Gibson premium leather strap, a Gibson multi-tool and a polishing cloth.