This Is Our Brand New 30 Notes Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit Which Comes With A Stand, 8″ Practice Pad, Bell Mallets, Drum Sticks, Wire Music Desk And A Custom Made Carrying Bag. It Is Definitely A Perfect Choice For Those Who Want To Learn To Play Percussion Instruments, Ideal for School Kids, Professional Bands, Teachers for Teaching. Don’t Hesitate To Bring One Home!


-Brand New And High Quality

-2.5 Octave Bells (Range: G5 – C8)

-8″ Practice Pad

-Removable Music Desk

-With Bell Mallets And Drums Sticks

-Carrying Case For Storage


-Material: Aluminium +Wood

-Weight: About 12 Lbs

-Package Includes:

1 X 30 Notes Percussion Glockenspiel

1 X Adjustable Stand

1 X Wire Music Desk

1 X 8″ Practice Pad

1 X Carrying Case

1 Pair Of Bell Mallets

1 Pair Of Drum Sticks

Product Features

  • 【A Whole Set】Do you want to purchase a whole set Glockenspiels to save money and trouble? Our Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit is made for you. The Package Includes: 1 X 30 Notes Percussion Glockenspiel, 1 X Adjustable Stand, 1 X Wire Music Desk, 1 X 8″ Practice Pad, 1 X Carrying Case, 1 Pair Of Bell Mallets, 1 Pair Of Drum Sticks, This Bell Kit set is cost-effective and saves time for you to purchase additionally.
  • 【Height Adjustable】The Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit comes with adjustable music stand and it is made of electroplated stainless steel, which is suitable for children and adults of different heights, sitting or standing.
  • 【 30 Notes G5-C8 and 8″ Practice Pad】Do you want a durable pratice pad? This Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit has specially made wood bracket. You can see the bracket under practice pads is made of durable wood with double-row keys and 30 note (Range: G5-C8), 2.5 octave bells and 8″ practice pad provide extra fun for your playing.
  • 【30 Note Aluminum Glockenspiel Bell Kit】This 30-Note Aluminum Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit is made of high-quality aluminum plate, the aluminum is super durable and sustain repeated use and not easy to damage, and it will last for a long time.
  • 【Easy to Carry with Bag】The Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit has a portable carrying case, convenient for you to carry the Glockenspiel set around with you, the case material is also specially customized, durable and holds the kit perfectly and sustains all weathers.