A simple idea in 1969 from the great guitarist Paulinho Nogueira would become an international success: the Giannini Craviola. With an unusual shape and an unique sound, the Giannini Craviola made its mark and conquered fans around the world. It sounded a little like the Harpsichord (Cravo in Brazilian Portuguese) and a little like the 10-string Brazilian Viola; thus the Craviola name was born (Cravo + Viola = Craviola). Numerous musicians fell in love with the Craviola and helped to create its fame and identity across various musical styles. Among the most famous is Jimmy Page, guitarist and composer of the legendary classic rock group Led Zeppelin, who got to know the Craviola in the early 70’s and recorded several hits with his 12-string model. The most widely known is the iconic “Stairway to Heaven”, beloved by fans for its unique timbre that’s often compared to instruments from Asia and the Middle East. Jimmy Page recorded other successes and made several live appearances at Led Zeppelin shows, further strengthening the Craviola’s fame as “the instrument with in the shape of a drop”. Other famous musicians known for playing the Craviola include Puerto Rican guitarist Jose Feliciano, as well as Luis Bonfa one of the fathers of the Bossa Nova. Giannini itself has a long and storied history, beginning in November of 1900, when renowned Italian luthier Tranquillo Giannini decided to pursue his dream of setting up a workshop to build acoustic instruments in Brazil. His dream proved a success, and to this day, Giannini continues to practice the lessons of the company’s founder, bringing together time-honored techniques of Tranquillo’s craftsmanship with the most efficient and modern methods of industrial technology. Giannini products are fully imbued with the reliability, craftsmanship, and ultimate care that have been the hallmark of the Giannini name since 1900.

Product Features

  • Giannini GN-15 BK Nylon String Acoustic w/ Spruce Top, Rosewood Neck, Glossy Black Finish in Black finish
  • Linden back, Spruce top, and Rosewood fretboard/bridge
  • World famous Giannini quality
  • Nylon strings; gauge (mm) – 0.71/0.81/1.03/0.77/0.95/1.15