New Shaped Lip NG1 Solid Silver Head, body, B Foot, new key style silver plated keys, hidden adjusting screws, felt on tails and new stylish case and cover. In line G# key

Product Features

  • The Fabulous New Generation of Gemeinhardt Flutes have arrived! Better than ever!
  • Solid Silver Headjoint, Body, and B Footjoint, special open hole key design, felt key-silencers, hidden adjustment screws
  • Open-hole style keys (set of silicone plugs included for learning), Inline G keys (traditional French style)
  • Gold Plated special-shaped Lip Plate on Solid Silver NG1 Headjoint (looks beautiful, sounds beautiful)
  • Includes leather French-style case, designer leather and nylon case-cover w/ detachable shoulder strap and fancy wood cleaning rod