The Red Forest Doumbek is a sombaty plus darbuka made by Gawharet El Fan factory in Egypt. The Sombaty plus darbuka is heavier from the standard sombaty darbuka, It has another layer of aluminum and it produces stronger sound an absolutely amazing “Doom strokes”. The finishing of the external and the internal layer is absolutely amazing. The hand made decoration with the stunning genuine mother of pearl which has been paste on the aluminum one by one and makes this doumbek to be one of a kind. The sombaty plus doumbek will be great for a big events such as concert s or “Hafla” and it has an impressive look. If you are looking for a professional Egyptian Doumbek made of the highest quality, this is the one. Included in the price of this Doumbek are a travel case, drum tuning key and a spare Gawharet El Fan Doumbek skin. When you purchase from you can be sure that you buy an original hand made product directly from the factory and with a genuine mother of pearl.

Product Features

  • This drum is a top quality drum with shiny shells and Arabian patterns Egyptian decorations.
  • This is a beautiful new 18.5″ darbuka. Comes with a clear synthetic head and a soft case.
  • The mesmerizing and intricate inlay of real shiny mother of pearl with a stunning design
  • 18.5″ (46cm) high, 6 bolts head drum. One of GEF’s most famous designs, in a renewed version, with 2 levels on the bottom and a wider diameter for deeper sound.
  • Please note – Some of the syntactic plastic heads arrive from manufacture with minor scratches. That does not affect the sound or quality of the drum. All drums are brand new, and were never used. We make sure every drum is usable, and that the outer design isn’t damaged before shipping.