Gallien-Krueger’s MB210-II bass combo amp is incredibly compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t skimp on high-tech features. You get a digital power amp (significant weight savings there) and G-K’s nifty Chain Out – which lets you connect your MB210-II to an MBP powered enclosure to create a combo rig for playing larger venues. You also get GK’s CX series ceramic speakers, a gain control, and a 4-band EQ, so you can shape your sound just the way you want it. At a little over 30 pounds this little brute will fit in your Mini, but don’t be fooled: it’s built G-K tough. If you’re in the market for a bass combo that’s small and versatile, GearNuts has your rig: the Gallien-Krueger MB210-II.

Product Features

  • Power: 5W
  • Single channel
  • “Speakers: 2×1″”, with horn”
  • “Controls: 4-band active EQ, boost, gain, master, limiter switch, horrn switch, contour”
  • XLR direct out