Musical Set Toy of Joy
The 12 in 1 musical instrument toy set is perfect for toddler, pre-school kids to play together and enjoy of happiness of music;
A creative way to each child to learn about music and rhythm, creates the first music concept at very early age;

Play and Learn Together
Musical instruments for toddler and children is very suitable for musical teaching in classroom as well as the family members to play together with your kids;
Create another type interaction with your kids and left beautiful memories for both the kids and parents;

Package Contains
Egg Shakers x 2 
Wrist Bells x 2
Triangle with Striker 
Finger Castanets x 2
Claves x 2
Maracas x 2 
Wooden Xylophone 
Rainbow Bell Stick 
Mallets x 2 
Wood Sounder
Cymbals x 2
Hand bells x 2

Please Note:
1. When playing, please be accompanied by adults. It will be much safe to avoid kids using Claves or Mallets, strikers to hurt themselves in eyes or face.
2. The tambourine is made of special artificial parchment. Kids can play it by clapping with hands. Please not use other strikers, which may break the tambourine.

Product Features

  • 12 in 1 musical instrument set, contains 12 pcs musical toys, includes Xylophone, Maracas, Wood Sounder, Tambourine, Wrist Bell, Hand Bell, Bell Stick, Egg Shakers, Triangle, Finger Constanets, Mini Symbals, Claves, ideal for toddlers, preschool kids to play together and learn early auditory experience;
  • Accurate tuned instrument with variety of beautiful sound, vivid color code for each tone, makes it easy for the children to learn the tunes and play with the coordination or compose the piece of music of their own;
  • Suits for musical education for young kids, a perfect inspirational set of toys to discover the potential and sensitivity in music and audio, study the initial musical concept from the joy of playing toy;
  • Ideal and creative gift or present for boys and girls kid on Birthday or Christmas festival from parents, playing with the kids could also creates more interactions between the parents and the kids with memory of happiness;
  • Made of high quality non-toxic material and wood with smooth surface coating, safe and reliable. Perfect size with extra carry bag makes the toy management much easier and portable;