This listing is for the Eternal Present Gong Stand size of your choice.

The Eternal Present Gong Stand is made of beautiful, solid rosewood. This easy to assemble gong stand is for lovers of gongs or even just lovers of life.

“Eternity…”: Noun meaning — infinite or unending time — or — a state to which time has no application – timelessness.

These two definitions above appear to be in contradiction to one another. For either eternity is time forever and day and so it involves time, OR, eternity has nothing to do with time. Conundrum. The drum, percussion, seems to be involved in the paradox of definition. For it is not Conunclarinet, or Conuncello. No, it is ConunDRUM.

Back to what Eternity is, How wanton and callous the Dictionarios do seem! They are lotharios of definition. They give us nothing to hang our knitted wool cap on. Your perception of the word Eternity has probably included days you thought would never end, as well as you having events that made your consciousness seem to be without time. All we know is, it is best to be present in all situations, no matter how good or bad. That is the Eternal Present!

✯✯✯✯✯ The Different Stands Offered: ✯✯✯✯✯

Small Eternal Present Stand for 11″ to 13″ Gongs:
Height: 19″
Width: 19.5″
Depth of Feet: 5″

Large Eternal Present Stand for 15″ to 17″ Gongs:
Height: 24″
Width: 25″
Depth of Feet: 5″

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