Ox bone peony carving flower to be decorated on the head of Liuqin, which is of fine and smooth beauty. And appropriate streamline design offers players comfortable hand feel. Handpicked Paorosa Chinese doughnut inlaying ox bone tuning peg mainly deals with string adjustment to accurate scale. Stable and forceful old bamboo pick made by sophisticated craftsmen, which offers beautiful effect. Fabulous resin carving on the basis of carving sound hole not only beautify Liuqin, but also amplify the effect. Paorosa burly wood pattern back plate without joint is solid and qualified. Four copper trimmer is set on the bottom, which effectively adjusts the length and tightness of the string, catering to beginners.

Product Features

  • Material: first-class import Paorosa
  • Faceplate: first-class paulownia wood in Laokao, Henan province
  • Pick: metal inlay into old bamboo, ringing and sweet sound
  • Grade: professional
  • Craft: traditional craft, manual work and careful polish by experience craftsmen