The flute is one of the oldest and most widely used wind instruments.Irish flute is a simple system six hole flute tuned such that the lowest playable pitch (all holes closed) is the D. It plays in a d pitch.The holes are uncovered sequentially to shorten the resonant length of the pipe. The basic flute can be played in the key signatures of D .Irish D Flute is made of good quality material and well finished. This music instruments have good quality components, professional sound .It is made of ebonite measuring 65″ with a blackish finish .It is fully tested and approved by our technicians , hence the instrument is a very well new piece and well conditions . it comes with a case box which is very handy to carry . Length : 26 ” weight : 1kgs w/ box

Product Features

  • Irish D-Flute
  • Made of Ebonite
  • Black Colour
  • Silver Keys & Six hole
  • With Free Case Box