Mouth of Trumpet Length:8.6 cm

Trumpet All Length:49 cm

Bellmouth Diameter:12.2 cm

Mouth Color: Silver

Trumpet Body Color: Silver

Case Dimensions:(54 x 22.5 x 18) cm

Interface Diameter:0.9 cm

Sound is ringing, clear, sharp, highly playing skills and rich expressional force

It is a high musical instrument in family of nickelplated tube, not only be rolled out a clear the clarino,also be rolled out a beautiful and rich cantabile melody

Product Features

  • Main Material: Nickelplated
  • Trumpet All Length: 19.29″ / 49 cm
  • Tone is strong, sharp, highly brilliant feeling
  • Elegant trumpet box, internal are comfortable and soft, will not damage and scratch trumpet
  • Package Includes: 1 x Trumpet, 1 x Mouth of Trumpet ,1 x Parts, 2 x Gloves