There’s been a huge resurgence in bluegrass over the past several years, perhaps simply because people are realizing that there’s a uniquely American sound to the genre. Whatever the reason, banjos are experiencing a huge surge in popularity. Our FB-55 model is a step up from its brother, the entry-level FB-54, with a mahogany resonator and neck, 26.4” scale, laminated wood rim, rosewood fingerboard with snowflake inlay and chrome-covered tuners.

Product Features

  • Laminated Maple Rim With 24 Piece Bracket, Laminated Mahogany Back
  • Mahogany neck w/ rosewood fingerboard
  • Maple Bridge with Rosewood Tip
  • Additional Features: Stylized Snowflake Position Inlays, Chromed Brass Tone Ring, Cold Rolled Steel Flange