Chakra Note: This gong mostly play on B note Size: 21.5 inches diameter; Weight of the gong: 6.14 lb (3.10 KG) Stock #F613 free felted gonger (striker) is included with the gong. Full of Tibetan artistic symbols, absolutely hand etched by experience artisans, superb sound quality, you will feel like you are in Tibetan monastery. Material: Bronze Chakra, please note that because of the nature of how gongs makes, the sound note may vary on how you hit and where you hit on gong, it doesn’t stay on one note, it plays between different notes and I have mention the note which sing and stay long on my tuner. I have included original sound file of each gong so please check your self. Best way to listen the sound of gong and decorate it, is to hang it on stand. (you may find it on internet, just google it.). How to Play: * Hold the rope in your hand (it is heavy, if you can hang it on open window frame or on a stand it will be great to hear it’s excellent sound and it looks stand out in your home decoration) * Hit it gently by the provided felted gonger Copy and pest this link to your browser to listen sound file of this gong: The string (rope) that comes with the gong is very wick (this is what available in Nepal where the gong being produce), please change it with your required strong thread. This gong can be your great wall hanging, decor with this master piece in your home.

Product Features

  • Stunning large size hand hammered Temple Gong, ship to you by ‘bowlsofnepal’ from Omaha, Nebraska
  • Customize size & quality that sing for long
  • Gorgeous hand etched Tibetan arts on antique finishing
  • This gong sings very easily with rich harmonic soothing temple sound
  • Ship to you from Omaha, NE, A disc type gong comes with felted gonger