Excalibur is excited to announce their latest accordions, the Weltbesten UltraLite Series.

These accordions are supercharged UltraLite models that feature German Reeds. The reeds plates are hand set and waxed in Germany and have a superior voice to them. You will hear the ensemble combine into one sound and voice – like you were playing in Deutschland yourself!

The piano keys are setup using a precision laser jig to ensure a complete, frictionless and precision action.

These accordions still feature the same weight saving design in the shell allowing them to come in at 40% less weight than similar accordions.

Standard Features:

• German Designed Reeds

• Hand Set Reed Plates and Wax

• Frictionless Keyboard Action

• 40% Lighter Than Similar Sized Accordions!

• Form-Fitted Travel Bag

If you loved the UltraLite Series you will be blown away by the Weltbesten Ultralite!

Product Features

  • Reed Plates are Hand-Set & Waxed in Germany
  • Frictionless & Precision Action
  • 40% Lighter than Similar Sized Accordion
  • German Designed Reeds
  • JourneyMan Travel Bag Included