These accordions are supercharged UltraLite models that feature German Reeds. The reeds plates are hand set and waxed in Germany and have a superior voice to them. You will hear the ensemble combine into one sound and voice – like you were playing in Deutschland yourself!

The piano keys are setup using a precision laser jig to ensure a complete, frictionless and precision action.

These accordions still feature the same weight saving design in the shell allowing them to come in at 40% less weight than similar accordions.

Standard Features:

• German Designed Reeds

• Hand Set Reed Plates and Wax

• Frictionless Keyboard Action

• 40% Lighter Than Similar Sized Accordions!

• Form-Fitted Travel Bag

If you loved the UltraLite Series you will be blown away by the Weltbesten Ultralite!

Product Features

  • Reed Plates are Hand-Set & Waxed in Germany
  • Frictionless & Precision Action
  • 40% Lighter than Similar Sized Accordion
  • German Designed Reeds
  • JourneyMan Travel Bag Included