The Classical Brand New Silver Chrome Nickle Polish 4 Valve Euphonium With Free Case Box & Mouth Pc. The euphonium is a conical-bore, tenor-voiced brass instrument. It derives its name from the Greek word euphonic, meaning “well-sounding” or “sweet-voiced” . It is a piston valve musical instrument with the existence of rotary valves. It belongs to the brass band family . It is pitched in concert B, meaning that when no valves are in use the instrument will produce partials of the B harmonic series. It has 4 valves, where in 2 top valves are called action valves and 3rd valve is called compensating valve .It has an extensive range, comfortably from E2 to about D5 for intermediate players. It extends from B0 to as high as B 5. The lowest notes obtainable depend on the valve set-up of the instrument. The euphonium’s tubing gradually increases in diameter throughout its length, resulting in a softer, gentler tone. It is made up of pure brass and Indian brass instruments are in great demand . It is fully tested and approved by our technicians ,hence the instrument is a very well new piece and well conditions .

Product Features

  • Silver Chrome Nickle Polish 4 Valve Euphonium
  • High Pitch Bb Pitch B Flat Euphonium
  • With Free Case Box & Mouth Pc.
  • Made Of Pure Brass
  • Bell Size 10” & Length 23” Approx