Full Range Bookshelf Speakers
Accomplish a full scope of sound from the S880DB Bluetooth bookshelf speakers. These bookshelf speakers have a remote packaged in for controlling sound from any place in the room.
Hi-Res Audio Certified
The S880DB bookshelf speakers are a set of Hi-Res Audio certified speakers from Edifier. These bookshelf speakers are a perfect match with PCs, gaming consoles, TVs, and record players.
Inputs and Controls
The S880DB has full list of inputs such as RCA, AUX, USB, optical, coaxial, and Bluetooth. USB, optical and coaxial sources have a sample signal rate of up to 192kHz. Alter volume, bass, and treble levels with knobs situated on the back of the active speaker.
Wireless Bluetooth Audio
Stream your music remotely to the S880DB utilizing Bluetooth v4.1. Associate your PC, tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth.
Titanium-Laminate Tweeter Unit
This 19mm treble tweeter driver unit is produced using an exceptionally cleaned titanium-laminate. The S880DB tweeter produces a splendid and clean sound.
Metal Diaphragm Bass Unit
The S880DB utilizes a 3.75-inch metal diaphragm mid-range bass speaker unit. The aluminum outline takes into account higher power and negligible vibration.
XMOS Digital Audio Processor
The XMOS processor utilized includes the expansion of USB sound as an alternative. Associate your speakers to your PC through USB. USB memory sticks are not supported.
Built-in Amplifier
Wipe out the requirement for an outside intensifier or recipient with the assistance of the implicit enhancer. Associate straightforwardly to your source with these speakers.

Product Features

  • HI-RES AUDIO CERTIFIED – Go beyond CD audio quality
  • LISTED INPUTS – RCA, AUX, USB, OPT, COA, and Bluetooth
  • TITANIUM-LAMINATE TWEETER – High quality tweeter produces crisp clear highs
  • METAL DIAPHRAGM BASS UNIT – Big booming lows with this metal diaphragm
  • 2-YEAR WARRANTY – Purchase with confidence with our 2-year warranty for both USA and Canada