Look & Feel

The Practice Pad Cajon is a mobile pad that enables you to practice your jams on the go. The attractive black satin finish, coiled spring snare and slappy frontplate provide a smooth sound and will inspire your practice time. The padded bottom will protect your Cajon and any surface you practice on. The Cajon is packaged with a protective, double handled carrying case.

Amazing Tone

Echoslap Cajons are made by percussionists for percussionists. The ultimate in percussion mobility is captured in this Practice Pad. Rhythmic movements can inspire your music or vice versa! The slotted sound hole provides a full sound that will inspire your music!


Echoslap Cajons are made from sustainably-harvested Siam Oak Wood which comes from rubber plantations where the trees are cut down and new ones replanted every 18-20 years once they no longer produce natural rubber. Other woods come from environmentally-controlled forests where the population of trees is carefully maintained, not causing deforestation.

Product Features

  • The Practice Pad Cajon has a Black Maple wood finish that complements it’s sleek and compact design. The Practice Pad has a specially designed Maple Body and Frontplate that will Inspire your Music while you practice!
  • The Practice Pad gives you a great perfect practice surface with the Maple Frontplate. The Coiled Internal Snare adds a perfectly crisp buzz to your slaps and finger roles, and a padded underside keeps your cajon safe on any surface!
  • This Practice Pad is Individually Hand Crafted and Hand Adjusted by musicians for Superior sound to Inspire Your Music! The Endless combinations of Snare, Slap and Bass Tones created in different locations on the Face of the Pad make it a Versatile Practice Instrument!
  • Live or in the practice room, you will feel great experiencing the full bass spectrum, sizzle snares, slap and responsive finger rolls, inspiring your beats and music.
  • The Side Sound Slot magnifies your sounds and provides a full and resonant tone. Inspire Your Music Today! This Practice Pad Cajon includes a free carrying case so you can keep your cajon safe and take it with you where ever you go! How Sweet is that?