6, The multi-point support design On the back side, More solid and durable.
7, Phosphorus Bronze Gong
8,The perfect process.Using UNTEX stored energy welding machine,welding harmonica sound spring, guaranteefastness of spring when playing.Use the digital flash tuned instrument to test the harmonica for 8 times, ensure the intonation of the products.

Product Features

  • 1. Imported phosphor bronze reed(Sound Spring):Copper content 99.99%,anticorrosion, antifatigue with brighter tone.
  • 2. Germany equipment:The Sino-German joint venture DMG CNC planer spring machine,guarantee the sound spring intonation.
  • 3. Thicken Copper plate, 1mm copper plate makes the harmonica sound more clear and melodious.
  • 4. Cover design:thicken copper cover plate,fine printing design with enough hardness,it is not easy to deform with long time playing.
  • 5. Sensitive inflexion key and blow hole: High hardness metal inflexion keys,solid and non deformation, switch to normal tone and chromatic, can play any complex music.