Eastman Double reeds have established themselves as the leader in quality double reeds at an affordable price. Each reed is handcrafted to exacting standards from the finest cane producing a rich sound that is refined and has excellent control. The current reeds offered for the Student Market are inconsistent, made for inferior materials, and not the best design to help develop the sound of a beginner. Normal Student Level Reeds are too responsive for the beginner/developing student. They are too easy to play which leads to a week embouchure, poor air support, flat pitch and a buzzy, reedy sound. Eastman French cut reeds are more resistant which leads to a stronger embouchure, better air support, better intonation, greater control and a more centered sound.

Product Features

  • Premium French cane from the Var region of France.
  • French cut, French filed.
  • Soft, Available in soft, medium soft, medium, medium hard and hard.