Product Description
Eastar Would Never Disappointed You.
Compare carefully, and you’ll find that Eastar’s Major Blues Harmonica is really the best gift for you or your friends and family. We have three big advantages: 1: price, compared to the same type of harmonica, our major Eastar has the most affordable price, we insist on the highest cost, the best configuration, to provide customers with the cheapest products. Let you fully experience the joy of musical instruments is our original intention. 2: product quality, Eastar will be able to develop our products, with more than 20 years of harmonica production experiences Eastar, from Reeds selection, green, non-toxic and tasteless materials to harmonica airtightness patent research and development, we only want to do a good job in product. 3: After-sales service, Eastar has the most lovely backstage customer service, We are willing to use 200% efforts in exchange for your 100% trust and affirmation, If you have any questions, you are always welcome to consult us.. We will continue to launch excellent products,For more details, please scan for our website.
Chose Eastar, you will have 12- month of Limited Warranty Support.

1.Color: Purple
2.Key:Key Of C
3.Level:Beginner & Middle Level Instrument
5.Item Weight:0.33lb
6.Package Size:4.7(L) x 1.97(W)x 1.3(H)Inches
7.Carrying Case Material: High-grade Hard ABS Case

Package included:
1 x Eastar Major Blues Harmonica,Purple
1 x Harmonica Cloth
1 x User Manual
1 x High-grade hard Case
1 x Hard-packed Colorful Box

Product Features

  • Vivid Sound – Eastar Major Blues Harmonica is a good practice harmonica that is very friendly to beginners and intermediate harmonica lovers. Its voice is sweet, accurate and pure.
  • Special material – Thick brass base with a thickness of 1.0mm, stable resonance and good air tightness. Beautiful silver cover plate, pretty and durable. Advanced non-toxic ABS combs is waterproof, moisture – free, high in hardness, difficult to deform and also very durable.
  • Beautiful appearance – laser carving of anchor shows the vitality and strength of major, the painting of piano box is striking, and the color box is exquisite and beautiful.The purple combs are cold, elegant and also handsome which make it easy for purchasers to fall in love with music.
  • Special design – ABS edging, not hurting hands, easy to clean. One – piece harmonica combs, suitable for beginning and intermediate players, quick to find tuning positions and easy to clean and mainterance. Airflow splitter and the built-in airflow splitter in the harmonica combs are conducive to maintaining stable airflow, making it easier for beginners to play smoothly and mastering the sound pressing(bending)skills quickly.
  • Package Contents- Eastar Major Blues Harmonica, Harmonica Cloth,User Manual, High-grade hard Case , Hard-packed Colorful Box. 12-Month Product Warranty.