East top Harmonica Key of C 10 Hole 20 Tone Diatonic Blues Harmonica Mouth Organ with Case Top Grade for Professional Player,Beginner,Students,Children,Kids Birthday Gift

This is an elegant harmonica designs for both professional players and beginners. If you are looking for high quality small instrument that makes awesome music and your kids will be safe to use on mouth, this harmonica is your wise choice!

Cleaning Routine and Maintenance:

– Do not share- This harmonica is generally considered clean before the first use, but after using shouldn’t be shared as it retains human saliva within the harmonica( unless someone you do not mind kissing with).

-Unless something drastic happens to dirty the instrument, the only cleaning routine after use would be an occasional wipe-down with a clean cloth or paper towel.

– If you blow saliva or food particles into it, please holding the harmonica in one hand, hit the palm of your other hand with the frets side using adequate force to clean the foreign substance. Then wipe to clean it.

– Do not drink sticky, heavy drinks before playing. Always keep your harmonica in a clean case if off use.

-DO NOT wash your harmonica with HOT water, alcohol, or other chemical reagent.


10 Holes 20 Tone

Key: C

Color: Black Cover

Harmonica weight: 85g ,Packaged weight:105g

Dimensions: (4.01x 1.06x 0.74)”/ (102x 27 x 19)mm(L x W x H)

Material: phosphor bronze reed with rivet,brass reedplate(1.2mm) with electroplate,brass cover with black paint,Food grade ABS comb

Package Includes

1x Harmonica Key of C

1x 1 Storage case

1x Cleaning cloth

Product Features

  • Professional Grade – C major diatonic harmonica is suitable for blues, folk, pop classical music, jazz, country, and rock & roll. Perfect for ambitious player and professional players, kids and adults. It’s for anyone who loves great sounding harmonica.
  • Crisp & Clear Sound- Phosphor bronze reed with rivet,brass reedplate(1.2mm) with electroplate,brass cover with black paint for rich and full notes. 1.2mm thicker Brass Plate helps to sound more clear and melodious. Non-toxic food grade ABS Resin.
  • Easy to Play- Top quality made harmonica ensures a smooth and effortless plays to every single key notes.
  • Small and Exquisite – 4″x 1″x 0.74″ small enough to slip into your pocket wherever you go. It’s suitable to use on stage, go travel, on family day, for kid’s and beloved’s gift.
  • This harmonica is a suitable instrument for either solo playing or in combination with other instruments such as guitar or ukulele. Package includes 1x harmonica (professional grade);1x instruction;1x cleaning cloth. We are the harmonica manufacturer of the East top brand.Backed Up with East top 30 Days Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. You can rest assured to buy our products.