This is one stand with two purposes. A mallet is not included.

The East 14th Street Chimefornia Stand is a versatile natural wood stand made of pine and perfect for sound collectors. It arrives set up with two hooks, which will perfectly hold a 14″ gong. But there are two more hooks, allowing you to hang up to four Zaphir or Koshi chimes. East 14th Street Chimefornia, the East meets West sent to you from the Midwest best.

Below are the two uses for this stand:

The East 14th Gong Stand: You could sing a thousand different songs about the busy thoroughfare that touches the East River on one end and goes to 5th Avenue before becoming West 14th.

Historical and metaphorical combined: to see it through time is phantasmagorical.

So many permutations of humans – as varied as George Washington to RuPaul – have strutted down its path. Speakeasies, synagogues, to the Stuyvesant Town apartments all have existed in its space.

Everyone has hung out here. That’s why we named this stand after it. This stand is a great place for your gong to hang.

The Chimefornia Chime Stand: Not every state evolves as quickly as California. Here in Nebraska we know that well.

Native Americans to Spanish Missionaries and Mexican Ranchers to a USA flow of Gold Rushers, Farmers, Movie Makers, Oil Drillers, Aerospacers, Surfers, Silicon Valets, and now Sound Healers.

The vibrations of the West Coast reverberate all over the world. But you can make your own sweet vibrations without having to live through an earthquake with your chimes on our Chimeafornia Stand.

Stand Measurements:
Width of Top: 23″
Width of Base: 24.5″
Height: 23.5″
Depth of Feet: 12″

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