This is a Hangzhou professional grade – C key dizi by flute maker Xie Bing. A beautifully crafted Dizi using high quality white bamboo from Suzhou China. Professional flute players have been very impressed by its tone, intonation and playability. The two ends of the flute are adorned with white buffalo horn. The maker is highly recommended by Dizi maestro Zhan Yong Ming. This dizi comes with a copper joint for minor pitch adjustments. Comes with a velvet case, 1 pack of dimo(flute membrane) and 1 piece of Er Jiao(flute glue).

Product Features

  • Good quality white bamboo Dizi from Hangzhou with single joint
  • Great sounding and good looking
  • Measures 67cm (26.5 inches) and in the key of C
  • Made by famous Hangzhou Dizi maker Xie Bin
  • Comes with a soft velvet bag, 1 pack of dimo(flute membrane) and 1 piece of er jiao (flute glue).