Musical toys help instill in children a lifelong love of music and creation, and offer a way to help encourage good self-esteem, strong imaginations, and early developmental skills!

Music mode lets them play the piano like a regular keyboard.

This toy helps your child with hand-eye coordination, musical theory and fine motor skills among other important skills! Makes a perfect gift to your child.

External devices : microphone

Musical rhythm :200kinds

Product sound : 200 kinds

Demonstration song :50

Number of keys : 61

LED digital desplay screen

Other functions :recording,play music,Sustained,One-buttonteaching,vibr–ato,Rhythm programming, beat control,Three-step instruction

Product Features

  • Kids will love to play around with cool music!
  • Excellent piano makes wonderful tone, develop children’s musical talent at an early age.
  • Switch on and you can hear the beautiful sounds of music, or play the music you like.
  • Move the Conversion key and songs begin to play Insert the microphone ,you can sing your favorite song and your child can sing along.