DS5 L Drum shield Six section drum shield, drum screens or drum shields Items included in your purchase. 6 panels Full 1/4″ x 24″ x 60″ Crystal clear acrylic 5 Full Length Living Hinges which easily attach, fold, and hold panels tightly. Total Height;5 ft. With easy assembly instructions. Once you peel the Plastic/Protective Film off the Drum Shield it is not Returnable. Welcome to our drum shields & custom Acrylic drum shield and drum screen panels, for Drum sets, Drum kits and drum n bass. We take great pride in these drum shield enclosures and the quality of their construction. With 15 years of custom fabrication in the plastics industry behind us, we can construct any possible enclosure for your drum sets, drum kits, drum and bass, or any type of sound or noise that you need to control. SOME CUTTING OF THE PANELS MAY BE REQUIRED TO SHIP OUT OF THE CONT. USA. Items shipped to apartments and are over $55.00 will require a Adult Signature per Amazon Buyer Protection Policy. Also sometimes the shipper may require a signature to certain address’s.

Product Features

  • DS5 Six – 2ft. x 5 ft. Panels no Deflectors with Living Hinges
  • Total Height 5 ft.
  • 6 panels Full 1/4″ x 24″ x 60″ Crystal clear acrylic
  • 5 Full Length Plastic Living Hinge which easily attach, Fold, and hold panels tightly.