Child’s Drum: Child’s Drum features a thumb port for holding which doubles as a sound hole when placed on the floor or a table. Comes with 2 wooden mallets.
Tom Tom Drum: The Medium Tom Tom has a cotton handle and comes with 2 wooden mallets.
Mini Conga Drum: The Mini Conga includes an adjustable nylon strap.

Product Features

  • This set of drums is perfect for the child ready to take the next step into percussion.
  • Set contains a Child’s Drum (4.5 x 5.25 in), Tom Tom Drum (7 x 5.5 in), and a Mini Conga Drum (15 x 7.5 in)
  • Made with non-tunable calfskin heads and hardwood, these beautiful drums produce a rich, full sound.
  • All drums are completed with a satin finish and trimmed with black fabric for a polished, long-lasting look.
  • Comes with 4 mallets; 2 for the Child’s drum and 2 for the Tom Tom drum.