DrumCraft Series 7 drums are based on the award-winning premium quality Series 8. Each Series 7 drum kit features sturdy polycarbonate wrapping and stunning hardware. One of a kind DrumCraft German engineered satin chrome shell hardware. Every part, bracket, joint and memory lock is designed to incorporate the slick and simple design. Not to distract from the two essential points with drums – YOU and how you want to setup your drums to accommodate your STYLE of playing. Zero Gravity mount: Buffered with four Rubber gaskets the slim ZGM supports the toms in midair. Without any resonance killing metal to metal contact and additional drills to the drum shell. The hinged memory lock is part of the tom bracket and completes the dainty yet rigid design. REMO USA Heads: When it comes down to sound and durability, there is no comparison to REMO drumheads out of Valencia, CA Powerstroke 3 for the Kicks Ambassador clear for Toms Controlled Sound coated head for the 14 & 13-Inch Snares. Nickeldrumworks throw off: Legendary, patented, smooth as silk throw off. Now made of 100% pure polycarbonate to withstand the forces of any drummer’s style. 2.5mm projection hoops on the Snares enhances the tuning stability. Stainless steel tension rods: Smooth tuning together with the brass receiver nuts even at extremely high tension. BD claws: Die cast Bass Drum Claws with wood hoop protecting nylon inserts dispense the tension evenly without scratching the surface of the BD hoop. Non drilled kick drums: Bass drums are supposed to sound big and full. Every piece of metal attached to them will choke them. To achieve the best sound possible we’ve decided not to drill them for any tom support system. Birch Shells are known for their powerful highs and pumping lows while attenuating mid range frequencies. Birch shells have literally a built in natural equalizer and have been the choice of armies of pro drummers for ages. They cut through walls of amplification without breaking a sweat.

Product Features

  • Shells made from the finest quality hand-selected Birch
  • Includes 22-Inch x 18-Inch Bass Drum, 10-Inch x 8-Inch Tom, 12-Inch x 9-Inch Tom, 16-Inch x 14-Inch Floor Tom and 14-Inch x 5.5-Inch Snare Drum
  • Non-Drilled Bass Drum for bigger, fuller sound
  • Zero Gravity Mount
  • Remo USA Heads