These are powerful and bright but never thin sounding. They speak clearly with a full spectrum of overtones suitable for live work, recording and concert halls. The fast stick response translates as much of the players energy into sound, so you work less and sound bigger, richer. CONTACT crash cymbals have a full sustain, good projection and consistent, not overly long decay of the full overtone spectrum.

Product Features

  • 100-150, 75-100, cf-type-crash-cymbal, cf-vendor-dream, content-alex-ritter, crash-cymbal, dream, over-100, reverbsync-offers:off, reverbsync-shipping-profile:Standard Ground Shipping Over 39.99, size-14-inch, size-16-inch, size-17-inch, SYNC, Tag_14 Inch, Tag_16 Inch, Tag_17 Inch