Our dedicated team of drum builders Bali, Indonesia work hard to create the highest quality instruments using the finest materials. Our hardwood djembes are sourced from the best woods. The djembe drums are organized by form (shape), level of carving, and amount of decoration. Each artist crafts our instruments by hand, and every drum is a unique piece.

Product Features

  • The djembe is a professional drum, made from a thick cut of hardwood. Select djembes feature beautiful carving on the stem of the drum. The Round Bowl form is a classic djembe shape for rich tones and slaps. Thick goat skin, and the highest quality rope and rings all contribute to the legendary drum sound.
  • Highly decorated with various levels of intricate carving, all done by the hands of our wonderful carvers. Each drum is made of top quality wood.
  • A thick cut wood for a rich and dynamic sound. 24″ TALL X 13″ ROUND
  • EXCLUSIVE rubber bottom gives our drums one of a kind sound that no other drum is able to produce, this is a feature made by our carvers only.
  • A great drum for beginners and professionals. Please allow variation in the size and carving due to product being handmade.