A perennial favorite among music lovers, the Djembe drum, has become very popular in the Western music world.  Played with with bare hands slapping the goat skin drum head, it produces a rich, vibrant, resonating sound.  Handcarved from a single piece of local hardwood and enhanced with a traditional painted design, this drum is sure to please any music lover.

We carry an assortment of these drums and since each piece is handpainted, designs and color of the trbal motif may vary. The drum you receive may differ from the picture.

Materials: Wood & Goatskin

Handmade – Please allow for minor variations. You may receive a PAINTED OR CARVED DRUM- Depending upon inventory. Tribal Motif may vary from picture.

Product Features

  • Handcarved from wood by skilled artisans
  • Features a genuine goat skin drum head- Great Sound!
  • Approx Size: 12″H x 5″W – Perfect For Any Music Lover
  • Tribal Motifs On The Drum May Vary According To The Artist’s Inspiration
  • Manufactured exclusively for WORLD BAZAAR- product quality CANNOT be guaranteed through other vendors. ORIGINAL JIVE BRAND. JIVE® is a registered brand with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Our logo, brand, and slogan are all intellectual property of World Bazaar Imports. World Bazaar Imports is the only authorized distributor of this brand in North America.