Listen to the original sound: and This is the legendary eucalyptus described in the legends with the termites going inside. We believe that it is God who sent the termites inside the didgeridoo to make the high-quality instrument. But the main reason for making the termite didgeridoos is the fact that ants want to drink and there is much water inside the wood. There are we who were the termites creating this didgeridoo. We want not only to eat and drink, we love to play and vibrate. The main specific features of this didgeridoo instrument are: – rich unique authentic sound which can be made only by blood wood, – strong vibe and high vibration resonance – rich overtones and vocalization. Our artisan didgeridoos are made with great love and high knowledge of professional sound production. You can be sure after listening to it. Before buying a didgeridoo, you can feel the vibe and enter the resonance with the instrument by the photos and videos at our website. We made both the didgeridoos and the photos as well as we could.

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