This beginner didgeridoo package is ideal for someone interested in learning to play the didge at a low buy in price. It is ultra easy to play thanks to the small inside diameter of the tube and the comfortable rubber mouthpiece. The polymer construction makes it durable and portable, with added hand painted dot art and artistic foil designs for aesthetics. The tutorial mini-CD-rom will take you through lessons to help you understand the instrument, learn to drone, and even develop more advanced playing techniques. This package is covered by our warranty, and features:

* FREE instructional CD-ROM and tye-dyed gig bag included!
* washable no-fuss rubber mouthpiece for ultra-easy droning
* colorful design featuring dot art, colored bands, and tree bark or blue lagoon patterned foil/li>
* lightweight, durable, and washable
* 47″ long, key of D
* proven useful in treating sleep apnea disorder

Product Features

  • FREE instructional CD-ROM and tye-dyed gig bag!
  • Everything you need to get started playing the didge is included in this combo pack!
  • Washable no-fuss rubber mouthpiece for ultra-easy droning.
  • Your purchase of this didge helps support the efforts of Africa Heartwood Project .org.