Product Features

  • ☆ PREFERRED BY PROFESSIONALS: Get the harmonica that’s loved by pros and amateurs alike. This C-key diatonic harmonica is equipped with 10 holes and can produce 20 unique tones. It’s ideal for playing the blues, country, jazz, folk, and so much more. The whole family can join in on the fun- this harmonica is great for both adults and kids.
  • ☆ CRISP, CLEAR SOUND: This harmonica is music to your ears (literally)! The copper reed and plastic comb are designed for precision- they’ll minimize moisture and maximize sound quality. Each and every note you play will be rich, powerful, and full-bodied.
  • ☆ EASY TO LEARN: Want to learn to play music? Not sure where to start? A small instrument like this is a great way to get your feet wet. Playing the harmonica is effortless- just blow and go. You’ll develop a stronger sense of rhythm, pitch, and melody before you know it!
  • ☆ DESIGNED TO LAST LIFETIME: Gifts for Kids, Birthday, Father’s Day, Here at Ohuhu, we strive to use only the highest quality materials. This harmonica is crafted from gorgeous stainless steel that will withstand years of use. The streamlined design is sophisticated, elegant, and sure to draw the eye.
  • ☆POCKET SIZED: Take your music on the go! At only 4.1″ long, 1.1″ wide, and 0.8″ thick, the Ohuhu harmonica is small enough to slip into your pocket. It’s the travel companion you never knew you needed.